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    July 2012

  • Contract Negotiations with Turbine Manufacturers

    Contract Negotiations with Turbine Manufacturers

    27 July, 2012

    IWEA has decided to organise this specific Ecopower Academy event in Ireland. With recommendations from persons at IWEA’s skill committee, who has participated on this seminar, IWEA have identified this format as an healthy injection for the development of the wind industry in Ireland. Ecopower Academy has designed the format and implemented it in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Amsterdam. It has been visited by the majority of the leading utilities and OEMs at these markets. The seminar has also received top evaluations. Through this unique format IWEA has arranged the opportunity for you to meet experienced professionals in contract negotiations who will teach you how to deal with poor contract clauses, how to change these to enable financing to be raised and risks to be removed. Don’t miss our introduction day, tailor-made for persons with knowledge from the wind industry but with no legal background. Remember that the contract will follow you for many years and could close many doors and diminish the potential for a profitable ownership.

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