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Irish Wind Energy Association Welcomes Taoiseach’s Global Commitment to Irish Fight Against Climate Change

23 September, 2014

The Irish Wind Energy Association (“IWEA”) has today welcomed the commitment from An Taoiseach Enda Kenny delivered to world leaders at the UN Climate Summit that the Irish Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill will be enacted as a Government priority.

The Taoiseach speaking on Ireland’s national action and ambition in New York was clear that there is a need for “leaders to show conviction, clarity, courage and consistency” in action on Climate Change. The stark reality is that climate change can only be dealt with through a collective global response outlined An Taoiseach.

Kenneth Matthews, CEO of IWEA welcomed the Taoiseach’s clear commitment to climate action at the UN sponsored climate conference:

“This UN summit clearly highlights an overwhelming hunger among global leaders including An Taoiseach Enda Kenny for a safe, secure and sustainable energy future.

“Irish renewable energy sources, led by wind energy, are already playing a critical role in the delivery of that clean future, but there’s more to do. Ireland can be a clean energy superpower, we were recently ranked fourth in a global survey of wind energy leaders carried out by the Earth Policy Institute ahead of Germany, the UK, the US and China, and as well as making our own transition to a low carbon economy, we can be a provider of international solutions and technologies on how to develop renewable energy from our experience of a small island grid.”

“As the Taoiseach returns from New York, we are calling on him and his Government to maintain our conviction, clarity, courage and consistency on the development of indigenous renewable energy sources. As our economy gets back on track our energy needs will grow, but our emissions cannot.

“As the Taoiseach has today signalled, now is the time for Irish climate leadership, from the upcoming Climate Change Bill to the developing White Paper about our future Energy Choices, Ireland must retain a stable regulatory footing and must not be swayed from a clean energy course, which brings benefits to all.”


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