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Wind Energy Meets 50% of Ireland’s Weekend Electricity Demand - New Record Wind Peak Highlights Irish Renewable Energy Leadership in advance of EU Climate Summit

22 October, 2014

Blustery conditions and the impact of hurricane Gonzalo have seen Ireland’s wind energy meeting approximately 50% of Ireland’s entire electricity demand between 6pm on Friday and midnight on Sunday, and continuing on into Monday and Tuesday to fuel 40% of Irish electricity demand according to the Irish Wind Energy Association.

Wind energy output hit a new record peak of 1,784MW at 18.45 on Friday the 17 October 2014 which is enough to power over 1.15 million Irish homes according to figures published by EirGrid, who monitor electricity generation and usage nationally.

Commenting on the new Irish wind energy peak record, which comes in the lead up to EU talks on how the EU’s Climate Targets will look to 2030, IWEA’s Chief Executive, Kenneth Matthews said:

“Clean wind energy is delivering for Ireland, reducing our dependency on expensive foreign 

energy imports, promoting investment and jobs, and helping protect our environment for future generations.

“It’s been a positive weekend and week from an energy perspective, whatever you were up to, it’s good to think that an Irish, environmentally friendly energy source taken directly from the wind sweeping over our country was meeting half of our electricity demand.

“This is a vital week for climate change as EU Heads of State gather on Thursday and Friday to decide our climate targets towards 2030.  This record shows yet again that Ireland has a huge resource of clean indigenous wind energy, and we are calling on An Taoiseach Enda Kenny to make sure that there is a clear and ambitious renewable energy target as part of the EU discussions, which would allow us to continue to harness this renewable nat

ural resource and secure Ireland’s place as a global green energy champion.”

Editor’s Note:

• New Irish Peak Wind Record of 1784MW reached at 18.45 on Friday 17th October.
• 50% of demand met from wind covers the period from 18.00 on Friday 17th October to midnight on Sunday 19th October.
• 40% of demand from wind covers the period from Sunday 19th October midnight to Tuesday 21st October midnight.

All information sourced from the EirGrid Datacentre at: www.eirgrid.com/operations/systemperformancedata/windgeneration/ 

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Established in 1993, the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) is the national body representing the wind energy sector in Ireland. IWEA is committed to promoting the use of wind energy in Ireland and beyond as an economically viable and environmentally sound alternative to conventional generation and promotes awareness and understanding of wind power as the primary renewable energy resource. IWEA is also dedicated to education and awareness building, and to building the skills base of the renewable energy sector in Ireland. IWEA also supports the development of other renewable technology, particularly marine energy. IWEA has more than 200 members who incorporate all leading industry voices in Ireland. IWEA acts as a central point for information for its membership as well as a voice to promote wind energy to government. IWEA is entirely self-funded and relies on the support of its members.

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