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Diligent and respectful work of Citizens’ Assembly on climate change increases pressure on politics to deliver – IWEA

06 November, 2017

Scale of change needed in Ireland requires bold measures the public are willing to embrace

The Irish Wind Energy Association has welcomed the outcome of the Citizens’ Assembly meetings on the issue of climate change, describing the work of the assembly as “extremely professional and respectful.”

IWEA Head of Communications and Public Affairs Adam Ledwith commented: “The work undertaken by the members of the assembly over the two weekends which were dedicated to this topic, involved detailed discussions and deliberations on a complex, emotive and serious issue.

“At several points this weekend members of the assembly, in their engagement with speakers, seemed to express surprise or perhaps elements of frustration about the roles and responsibilities of different arms of government, departments or agencies, in responding to the various issues around climate change.

“From the conclusions of the assembly IWEA believes there is a desire for changes in public policy that includes greater ambition and investment from government and bold initiatives aimed at achieving substantial change.  IWEA is firmly of the view that such is the scale of change required in Ireland to meet the challenges we face that we require leaps and not merely steps in the right direction.  What we are witnessing now through the Citizens’ Assembly is that there is a domestic constituency that will support bold action and it falls to the political system to act in that regard.

“IWEA wishes to congratulate Ms. Justice Laffoy, her staff, and the members of the Citizens’ Assembly. For anyone who may have observed any of the proceedings held in public session and broadcast online, it is clear there was a very professional approach taken by all involved.

“IWEA looks forward to considering the final report of the Citizens’ Assembly on climate change and engaging, where appropriate, with the Oireachtas as it deliberates on the recommendations.”

For further information contact Adam Ledwith – 0860453569