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Mission Statement

To facilitate the green tech industries learning and workforce development ambitions, drive enterprise competitiveness and provide a future focused space for effective leadership, upskilling and networking through Ireland’s energy transition.

Network Goals

Deliver impactful and relevant training and networking opportunities to the green tech industry in Ireland. To work closely with its contracting organization, IWEA and other relevant stakeholders, to explore opportunities and skills gaps within industry and facilitate the development of enterprise needs.

Commitment to provide member companies with value add programmes delivering return on investment. To enhance competitiveness through skills, competency development and lifelong learning outcomes.  To provide quality assurance and value for money in the delivery of state of the art and timely learning events, adding to a proven reputation.

Sustainable growth, increasing employer participation and networking opportunities.

Diversification, broadening the current offering to complimentary and emerging technology sectors.  Catering for all employment levels and career progression within the wider energy sector, while facilitating and promoting the flexibility of employee led training.

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