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Upcoming Training Courses

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Prospectus 2018

Green Tech Skillnet Prospectus 2018

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Grid Connections in Ireland (Wind and Solar)

Date: 08 May 2018 Location: IWEA offices, Naas, Co. Kildare

The connection offer process in Ireland is going through major changes as it moves to a planning permission led system. This will allow new renewable generators to receive connection offers. This course provides an overview of the new connection offer processes and through examples demonstrates how connection policy will be applied to these connection applications going forward.

Please find course brochure and booking form HERE

Wind Power Forecasting

Date: 05 June 2018 Location: IWEA offices, Naas, Co. Kildare

With the new day-ahead and intra-day energy trade market arrangement being introduced through the I-SEM Project, short term wind power forecasting in Ireland is becoming  increasingly important.
Although wind power generation is variable and cannot be scheduled like conventional sources of energy. It is predictable, and accurate wind power forecasts provide economic and social value to a wide range of users including energy traders, wind assist operators and grid operators.This one day course provides a comprehensive introduction to wind power forecasting methodology and an insight into the wide range of applications of wind power forecasts.

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DS3 System Services

Date: 12 June 2018 Location: IWEA Offices, Naas, Co. Kildare

This one day expert training session will provide understanding of the need and role of System Services for Ireland, including details on the DS3 procurement programme and the opportunities arising from this.

This course will provide an overview of the DS3 program in Ireland, identifying the need and role of System Services in maintaining secure operation of the electricity system with increasing levels of intermittent renewable generation.

Please find the course brochure and booking details HERE


Date: 26 June 2018 Location: IWEA offices, Naas, Co. Kildare

This one day course will provide an in-depth look at the role of Interconnectors in Ireland and the way that they can support the market, the grid infrastructure and the development of renewables. This includes: - how Interconnectors work (technically and commercially), what factors make a good interconnector project (Grid infrastructure to connect Interconnectors), interconnector location, design & technology (permissions, surveys, and resource assessments), a market and regulatory overview and an update in relation to European and GB systems

Please find course brochure and booking form HERE

Grid Code Compliance **Please note change of date**

Date: 21st June 2018, Location IWEA Offices, Naas, Co Kildare 

This course is an introductory overview of the Irish grid code and the emerging changes and requirements within the code. Topics covered include obligations of generators, the process and relative stakeholders in achieving compliance - compatibility with I-SEM (new wholesale electricity market), New Generation Technologies, Demand Side Management and Network Codes. 

Please find the course brochure and booking form here.

Power Purchase Agreements  

Date 05th September 2018, Location IWEA Offices, Naas, Co. Kildare

The Irish power market is undergoing a period of significant change, with the introduction of a new set of market arrangements in the form of the Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM).

Under I-SEM, generators will need to find a route to market for their power, and will be faced with new risks – notably, balance responsibility and imbalance costs. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a key route to market and risk management tool – particularly for renewable generators such as wind and solar.

This comprehensive course will provide a grounding in PPAs – the different contract types, their structure and key terms, risks and benefits, pricing, their current / future application in Ireland and their negotiation. We will draw on our significant experience in the PPA market to provide real world examples and insights.

Please find the course brochure and booking form HERE

Working at Height Two Day Course


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Working at Height (One Day Refresher Course)


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Hub Access & Rescue Training


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Managing Safely for Wind Power

Date: Rolling

This 5 day IOSH accredited course is a comprehensive risk management programme for the Wind Power sector. This unique, engaging and innovative course tackles critical issues faced by the Wind Power sector today. It covers the entire wind farm life cycle, including planning and design, development and construction, commissioning and testing, operation and maintenance and decommissioning phases. Developed with input from international Wind Power companies, this training will add value to your business by equipping your managers and operatives with the skills and techniques to manage both safely and competently resulting in reduced accidents, near misses and inefficiencies in the workplace. The subsequent operational efficiency will add significantly to the bottom line. The programme takes into account the diversity of organisational structures in the Wind Power sector, client-supplier relationships and supply chain management, organisational behaviour, organisational learning and culture elements of businesses.

Further information on this course is available here

For information on cost and to register interest for a place on this course please contact ross@iwea.com

Earthing Studies and Standards

Date: 11 April 2018. Location: IWEA Training Centre, Naas, Co Kildare

This comprehensive training course will enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals carrying out construction and maintenance in the areas of high voltage substations and sites with increased lightning discharge such as wind farms.

There will also be an opportunity in the last session of the day for a Q&A  with ESBI on behalf of ESB Networks.

Please find the course brochure and booking form here

EU Clean Energy Package 

Date: 13 April 2018 Location: Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley, Dublin

The aim of this programme will be to provide participants with an understanding of the Clean Energy Package's provisions relating to renewable energy.

The focus will be on analysing the key provisions in the Renewables Directive, Governance Regulation and Electricity Regulation and outlining the likely final shape of the legislation.

Sessions will be interactive and will aim to identify the possible impacts on the wind energy sector in Ireland and the wider EU and to explore implementation issues.

All participants will be provided with a slide-based analysis of each of the major topics within each legislative proposal, together with written summaries of the CEP legislation and weblinks to the latest texts.

For more information and booking details click HERE

Crane Works (Construction/Installation & Service Sectors)

Date: 24 July 2018 Location: IWEA offices, Naas, Co. Kildare

This course will highlight some simple measures to ensure best practice is implemented when cranes arrive on site; it will outline the relationship between all parties and the necessary checks and balances to ensure you, as the ‘client’, have taken all necessary steps to ensure a safe system of work is planned, reviewed and implemented on your site. This course is a must for all owners and their management team. This training can be delivered in-house where required.

For more information and booking details click HERE

Accident Investigation & Courtroom Skills

Date: TBC

This two day training course will cover the relevant skills needed to complete and support an Incident Report in accordance with best practice. Delegates will also get a clear understanding of how to manage an Incident from the initial stage right up to providing clear information to judicial investigations. Participants can also experience and engage proactively in mock court scenarios, where all delegates are cross-examined on their own personal case study. The techniques lawyers use in adversarial questioning will also be examined. This will highlight the importance of accurate factual notes and statements. This training can  be delivered in-house where required. 

Please find a brochure and booking form here

IOSH Safety for Executives & Directors

Date: Rolling

This one day course accredited by IOSH, provides Senior Executives operating in the Wind Industry with a full understanding of their role in health and safety and how this should influence strategic thinking and holistic risk management practices. This course not only ensures that they can meet all their legal and corporate governance obligations, but shows how to put in place and integrated health and safety policy which can minimise their overall business risk, improve the productivity of the workforce and the quality of the product or service, and reduce costs such as healthcare and insurance premiums and compensation claims. This course is intended for the directors and managers of organisations who provide strategic leadership, direction and oversight for their business. For further information on this course please click here

For information on cost and to book a place on this course please contact Ross at ross@iwea.com

Development Coaching

Date: Rolling

A bespoke, one-to-one career coaching service to enhance your professional capabilities and performance, or to deal with current challenges or changes in your organisation. Please find a brochure and booking form here

4x4 Off-Road All-Terrain Training

Date: Rolling

An opportunity to learn and practice the skills required to safely operate and extract maximum benefit from a 4x4 vehicle. The course objectives include to assist with safe On-road (snow, ice etc), to comply with SHAW Act 2005 & Gen App Reg 2007 and to instil confidence with responsibility and so reduce risk. Please find a brochure and booking form here

Decision Driver Training

Date: Rolling

This one day training course involves an interactive classroom session, where the most common driving errors are discussed and drivers are shown how to identify the potential for a situation to develop and how to manage it. In addition there will be an On–Road training element where the trainer will identify areas for enhancement and harness existing driving skills. The course content can be tailored to include specific subject matter relevant to the organisation and their fleet policy. 

Please find a brochure and booking form here





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