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National wind energy associations strongly back governments in renewed North Seas wind collaboration

06 June, 2016

When Energy ministers on 6 June 2016 kick off a revamped regional cooperation on
offshore wind in the North Seas it will be against a backdrop of vivid support from the
wind industry associations in the countries in the region.

The wind industry associations welcome the initiative taken by the ministers from the
North Seas countries and stand ready to contribute to regional cooperation. By
taking a step-by-step approach, based on the actual challenges experienced by the
wind industry, substantial gains can be made. Success can be ensured by close
collaboration between the government authorities and the industry stakeholders
including the national associations in the governance of the renewed regional
cooperation in the North Seas. Furthermore, they would welcome in the not so
distant future a similar development in the Mediterranean.

The wind industry is looking at massive investments in development of offshore wind
in the North Seas region. More aligned technical requirements and coordinated
political processes in the Member States surrounding the North Seas will reduce
costs and increase framework stability – which in turn will lead to increased appetite
for investments.

The North Seas hold great potential for development of offshore wind. The European
Commission estimates that offshore wind from the North Seas can cover up to 12
percent of EU’s power demand. Regional cooperation can help reap this resource
more efficiently to the benefit of the green transition of Europe’s energy system and
the European energy consumers.

Signed by
Danish Wind Industry Association, Hellenic Wind Energy Association, Irish Wind Energy Association, Netherlands Wind Energy Association, Norwegian Wind EnergyAssociation, NOW Ireland, RenewableUK, Stiftung OFFSHORE-WINDENERGI