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New records set for wind energy generation across Ireland during Christmas 2016

28 December, 2016

The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) has confirmed today that new records were set over the Christmas period for wind energy generation across Ireland.  At one point on Christmas Eve over 2,800 megawatts of electricity was generated by wind across the island, providing 68% of Ireland’s energy needs at that time.

Official data shows shortly after 10.30pm on December 24th wind energy was providing 2822MW of electricity.  It’s the equivalent of powering 1,834,200 homes, making 70,550,000 mugs of tea, or powering 51,309,091 televisions.  The previous all-island record was 2683MW.

IWEA chief executive Gary Healy commented: “It’s not surprising that 2016 is ending with new records for wind energy generation.  We added more capacity to the system throughout the year enabling more of electricity needs to be met by wind.  There will be more capacity added again throughout 2017 and this progress will significantly help Ireland’s journey towards a cleaner, renewable energy future.”

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