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Wind Energy Myths

16 June, 2012

Wind Energy has emerged as one of the cleanest, safest and cost effective forms of energy. However as with any new technology, a small percentage of the population may be wary of the development of wind farms. A vocal minority often make arguments against wind power which are usually little more than myths. With growing concerns around climate change, energy security and increasing fossil fuel prices, there is a need for Ireland to develop sustainable and indigenous energy resources. Ireland has been given a mandatory target by the EU for 16% of its energy to come from renewable energy sources by 2020.  IWEA believes that, in the drive to meet our national targets, decisions on potential wind farms should be made on the basis of facts and informed debate, not through myths and half truths. The document below is an attempt to evaluate and address some of these concerns with solid research facts.

Wind Energy Myths PDF

Wind Energy Myths


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