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Contract Negotiations with Turbine Manufacturers

27 July, 2012

Dates: 16th – 18th October (Inclusive)
             16th – Full Day Workshop – Legal Introduction
             Contract structure and key issues in turbine procurement
             17th – Seminar Day 1
             18th – Seminar Day 2

Registration: 8:30am
Start: 9:00am
Finish: 5:00pm
Location: Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham
Trainer: Ecopower Academy

Company Members:
Main Seminar - €1,140
Workshop - €665
Package Price - €1,545

Non Members:
Main Seminar - €1,517
Workshop - €950
Package Price - €2,207
16th October Workshop – Legal Introduction: 
As an introduction to the main seminar on the 17th - 18th of October, IWEA offers a legal introduction.
The introduction day is tailor-made for persons with knowledge from the wind industry but with no legal background.
In this pre workshop we want to present a number of contractual issues common to most turbine procurement processes. Which contracts will form part of a contract structure for turbine procurement? Which are the key issues in the contracts and how to categorise them from a risk perspective (time, cost and quality)? How to balance risks and responsibilities in the contracts?

17th & 18th Seminars will focus on how to:
• Develop the contracts regarding demands for documentation, training, access to turbine data, spare  
     parts, special tools and software updates.
• Evaluate and compare Service Agreements.
• Evaluate and compare different turbines from a commercial and technical point of view.
• Balance the risks between owners and turbine manufacturers.
• Link scenarios for the contract to the bottom line in the business case.


Quote from attendee:
“The Training allowed our organisation to assess the manner in which we negotiated both the TSA and O&M contracts, Risk sharing was a key topic during the three days whereby both developers and OEMS position were explained. The added bonus was understanding the commercial and technical market offerings from the more developed European markets – this allowed our organisation to make further gains in the tender negotiations.” Kelly  Dallas, O&M Manager Renewables, Bord Gáis Energy

Download Application Form (pdf)

For more details on this course and over courses offered under the Wind Skillnets Programme please visit our Wind Skillnets section. Alternatively, contact johanna@iwea.com for further information

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